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To track your progress, AdvanDate even sends bi-weekly flowcharts measuring how your site is performing. Rick said answering customer questions attentively and honestly is high on his priorities. The company has also received accolades from within the dating industry. The Professional Package offered by AdvanDate gives customers some extra perks, including 20, starter profiles.


This gives the site the luxury of not starting from zero with a built-in user base that can entice people to register. Rick told us the first question his customers ask him is: Are the starter profiles real?

AdvanDate: iCupid Dating Software Builds You a User-Friendly Dating Site

And his answer is both yes and no. They were real at one point, but now these profiles are unlikely to be responsive or active. AdvanDate has an unusual and controversial stance on dating apps. Niche dating is very different when it comes to mobile apps. A general dating site is already branded and has the traffic base, so pushing mobile apps make sense. Niche dating is a lot more difficult because you have to focus on getting traffic.

Since traffic is very hard to come by, you need to get that visitor converted as quickly as possible and responsive design does exactly that, according to Rick. Because having a mobile app adds three extra steps to the registration process, slowing a user down and acting as a barrier between your site and a new registration. Adding a fresh look and more responsive features, AdvanDate is getting ready to release iCupid Version This dating software brings together decades of experience to create a streamlined website.

How to build a dating application?

This option lets users skip filling out a profile, entering in an email address, or even adding a photo. A preview of iCupid Version 12 is currently available for anyone to look through and get a feel for how it flows. AdvanDate has a committed team of developers and designers who serve as a resource for any new dating site. With free installation, free upgrades, and free customer support, this software provider stands out as a dependable and caring service. Brainstorm away — AdvanDate can take care of the execution.

20,000 Starter Profiles Give Your Site a Boost

As the editor-in-chief of DatingAdvice. SkaDate has no shortage of talent in its team. With a background in television as a producer, Zima Filippov began as a blogger but soon grew his role with the company.

Hired as a junior developer, Den Juikov began working for SkaDate at age Den Juikov was a student when Emil hired him to work part-time as a junior developer. Den quickly fell in love with his job.

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He had a niche idea for a dating site — and he earned half a million dollars within four weeks. To provide excellent service, the SkaDate team asks customers to fill out an in-depth questionnaire that delves into the individuals particular goals and expectations.

SkaDate Turns Your Idea Into a Business: Customized Software for Dating Websites and Apps

After establishing what the customer needs, the team starts customizing. On top of its standard coding, the team can add an array of special features such as matchmaking, messaging, location-based searches, integrated Google Maps, and a profiles list. SkaDate is fully supported in English with additional languages available through third-party packages. Some people are new to the business and need more hand-holding. Besides building the nuts and bolts of the site, people need a lot of assistance to get started.

Extensive Features and Supportive Services Satisfy Customers

Once the software is all set up, customers can move on to create a mobile application through SkaDate. Removing the hassle and confusion, SkaDate takes care of all technical issues involved in creating a useful mobile product. SkaDate can quickly turn a dating site into a dating app with customized features and functionality.

An effective way to attract people to your site is through search engines. SkaDate knows how to optimize the language and configuration of the site to be properly indexed and ranked. Optimizing the website for keywords and making the site more search-engine friendly, SkaDate positions the website for success.

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  • A custom website solution, SkaDate accommodates all kinds of new business ideas and strategies. Its basic code is flexible to various needs, which includes budget restraints.