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Age is just a number (or so we've been told). But I would say, Here are 7 reasons why the age gap doesn't matter for (many) gay and bisexual men! 1. We share . Not all men who date other men are gay. They can be bi.
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Couples with an age gap may be subject to more scrutiny or experience these issues in different ways than couples of the same age. However, for many, the benefits outweigh the negatives. How do you handle the issues that come along with an age gap?

Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Older LGBT people can feel more in touch with younger members of the LGBT community, while the younger person in such a relationship may be able to learn from the experiences and background of someone who has several years of experience in relationships: Generally, people become more emotionally and financially stable as they get older.

This stability can have a very positive effect of a younger partner, especially one who is just starting out in their life and figuring out how to handle adulthood as a member of the LGBT community. Click To Tweet Dealing with Negatives of a Relationship Age Gap Having a significant relationship age gaps can also present a couple with some unique obstacles, however. There can be moments of frustration and disconnect in any relationship, and age gaps can worsen these issues and add several other elements into the equation: Emotional maturity: One potential source of friction in a relationship with an age gap is differing levels of emotional maturity.

Societal expectations: For many people, this is the biggest issue that comes along with an age gap in their relationships, and it seems like gay and bisexual men experience harsher judgment than lesbians or bisexual women: Financial gaps: Even though financial stability can be a benefit in some cases, it can also cause strain, especially if one person in the relationship has more money and more power within the relationship.

Mind the gap – What do older men with younger partners have in common?

This dynamic can create both small disagreements who pays for dinner or huge issues down the line. Related Items intergenerational relationships. When I was younger I was strictly a top. As I get older I find myself enjoying bottoming more and more. I have a better sense of how to relax and enjoy it, and my sex roles are no longer wrapped up in some misguided sense of masculinity.

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You might be surprised. I think the idea that we have to like everything our partners like and share everything with our partners to have a healthy relationship is wrong.

I find that, in trying to understand Noah, and to see the world from his perspective I get to experience life in a new way. But I also think we develop common ground over time. Noah and I both like to travel.

Navigating Relationship Age Gaps – Gay Life After com

We both like to go for long walks. I like to talk, and Noah likes to listen. We like to go out dancing.

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First of all, I know year-olds who take Viagra or Cialis. I love what Cialis does to my dick, and in my opinion we both benefit from that. Sex is supposed to be fun, and a way to connect to the people we love. So if a Viagra or Cialis helps reduce the stress and maintain the fun, then go for it.

The pros and cons of younger/older relationships

And if you do lose your hard-on, so what? If you really like this guy, then who cares what anyone else has to say about your age difference?

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